Keith Brewer

Hey, I'm Keith. I've been a huge fan of games and technology for all my life. In my early years I spent countless nights dreaming about becoming a Game Developer before falling asleep at night.

When I became a young adult I starting working hard to research programming and game development on the internet in an effort to teach myself. After a number of years of hard work and dedication I had started producing prototypes of games and making connections with indie game developers.

I got my first contract work in 2011 with Cerulean Games, Inc (not sure if they're still around) with whom I helped build Out on a Limb, TumbleCaps Retro, and Trounce. A little later on Cerulean was contracted by Music Powered Games to build their first music game, "Music Monsters". I was tasked with developing the prototype for Music Monsters and the client was pleased with the results.

A few months down the road there were some hiccups with the work relationship between me and Cerulean Games, so I ended up leaving. A while later I was contacted with a full time employment offer from Music Powered Games. It would seem that Cerulean Games was unable to deliver the product they were contracted for without me there and so it had been terminated and MPG was interested in hiring me to finish the job.

It's now 2017 and I had been working for MPG until April when we decided to part ways so that I might try to expand my horizons. We keep in touch and I still do some contractor work for them on occasion but I am also currently looking for new and exciting projects to work on.

My dream is to become financially independent and stop living from paycheck to paycheck so that I can provide a better life for my wife and kids.

What I've Worked On..

If you're interesting in seeing what I've worked on in the past, you can view all of my published work on my Portfolio page.